Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6 2012

So what next? Well the little devil got in with the rest of the flock - probably worked his way through the hedge. I was away for a couple of days, broke my routine with him and so he set his mind full time to getting in with the ewes - and figured it out. The wether was left on his own bleeting pathetically. That makes training him a little bit difficult - not that I'd have been able to much in this foul weather anyway. I suppose he may get a little less anxious around me when amidst his harum - the older ewes are very pushy and try to know me of the supplement bucket to the ground all the time - but they move in straight lines so I hust have to weave a bit while walking to shake them off or failing this, get Huddie to keep them off me.
Tow young ewes from the neighboring field got in with mide which is a pain as I wasnt a closed flock as I don't use wormers unless I see scouting - a thing I haven't see since I changed to Easycare sheep - and I'll be real p'd off if I get a present of some frug resistant worms from elsewhere. Despite phoning and going to houses etc, I've had no help to remove them. Really annoying as it would take 2 people about 10 minutes to put them back where they belong.

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