Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13 th - Friday!

Well nothing untoward has happened so far today :). However, formal ram training is at a standstill. Informal training i.e. the daily contack that has an effect, intended or otherwise continues as I give my littl flock a supplement of sheep kibble every day. This is easier for me with this small number than mixing grainsor saving haylege as it contains stuff that I have no information about when it comes to the grass in the fields ... selenium etc. The whole flock, including ram, is addicted to it - probably due to a suger rush - so ram arrives along with the others (yeah, he's still in with them - thaat's another story) and gets his share. So he's definitely trained to see me as a food source and has lost a lot of his timidity around me - well when surrounded by the ladies anyway.
I'm interested to see how much of this remains when he's split off from the others again and I resume "formal" training in the spring.

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