Sunday, December 11, 2011

Progress to December 11th - not?

Day 2 showed some movement of the horny little subject towards the threat (me) and some interest in the feed - he tongued up a few pieces of of feed.
Day 3 - as day 2 - plus he has lost his fear/flight reaction to when I throw the feed towards him.

But then, day 4 - well that was December 8th - feast of the Immaculate Conception for so-called Christians - but day of no more conception for my little flock. I took ram and wether out of the field to prevent any more tupping - if not tupped by now, then hard luck ewe as I don't want a drawn out lambing next spring. But of course this was not popular with the ram- had to chase him out of the lower pasture to the upper pasture. He has stood at the gate between his field and the ewes field staring in hopefully at the ewes for the past 3 days. My appearance with the "treats" are no treat for him. He does take some from the grass where I throw it after I have departed but he's no very interested especially as the ewes congregated round the gate, driving him nuts. Fortunately he has not managed to smash the gate for the  fence.
Today, I drew the ewes well away from his position before leaving a plastic bowl with feed in for the pining ram.
Despite this, I don't think my initial efforts were were in vain. The tup attraction will fade and the food memory will not - and he will associate me with it more and more.

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